What Do Box Jellyfish Eat – Box Jellyfish Diet

What do box jellyfish eat

Like any other living thing, Box Jellyfish also needs to eat to live. They do sting us but they do not eat us as we are not part of their diet. Box Jellyfish are carnivores which means that their diet consists of meat only. Box jellyfish love to eat arrow worms, shrimps, prawns, annelid worms, small … Read more

How Do Box Jellyfish Reproduce | Box Jellyfish Life Cycle & Reproduction

how do box jellyfish reproduce

No wonder cubozoans or box jellyfish received little attention from biologists—in its reproductive biology at least. In the recent years scientists have learned about the box jellyfish life cycle but they were not successful (as much) in studying how do box jellyfish reproduce in their natural habitat and whether the reproduction involves sexual or asexual … Read more

Do Box Jellyfish have Brains | Box Jellyfish Brain

do box jellyfish have brains

No the box jellyfish is probably the only animal without brains. It possesses a network of nerves—a net that helps the jelly to be sensitive to the changes in the external environment. As it turns out, the box jellyfish doesn’t have the central nervous system. However it does possess have a nervous system (decentralized network). … Read more